Raising capital for your business is hard work. Imagine cutting the time it takes to meet with dozens of serious investors from a matter of months to mere days. That’s what Arcview can do for you.

The Arcview Investor Forum Series

Acknowledged as the premier source for quality, early and growth stage cannabis deal flow, and accredited capital.

Each year, Arcview holds Investor Forums in important cannabis centers across North America and internationally. We bring together venture capitalists and industry specialists from around the globe seeking investments and partnerships with the finest cannabis startups and growth companies.

Who Should Sponsor?

Arcview provides an opportunity to profile your company to a sophisticated group of pre-approved and vetted accredited cannabis investors and best-in-class growth stage companies. Consider a sponsorship partnership with Arcview if your company is…

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Investor Forum Audience

Whether you are raising venture capital, building a cannabis portfolio, or offering industry advice and services, you will meet the right people.

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Why Sponsor an Arcview Investor Forum?

You are guaranteed to meet people and companies serious about financing, raising capital, and corporate activity.

As more and more players crowd the industry, it becomes increasingly time consuming and costly to cut through the noise and reach the people and companies who meet your objectives.

All attendees are pre-approved and vetted in advance. This means you can leverage your time, and get your message in front of the industry’s most prospective group of companies and venture capital.

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Previous Investor Forum Sponsors

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Additional Sponsorship Opportunities Include:

Sponsorship Opportunities

New Member Dinner

On the first Forum evening, we host a sit-down dinner, to welcome new Arcview Members.

This is an intimate affair of ≈ 40 people, including a few longstanding members.

If you are looking for a small group to showcase your service or company to, this is an ideal occasion. New members are keen to learn and are often looking for help with an aspect of their business or with investing.

Profile your company with room branding, an introductory speech and table promotions.

industry tours

Industry Tours

We arrange special industry tours for each Investor Forum.

These are popular, first-hand experiences, for our members to visit a large-scale cultivator, dispensary, extractor or other local cannabis businesses.

Industry tours are an exceptional opportunity to bring a large group of accredited investors to see your operation.

Depending on the nature of the planned tour, we can discuss a sponsorship package, including branding, pre and post event handouts, and email blasts to attendees.